Choosing the Perfect Barn Door Size

When the time comes to update your home there can be a lot of questions, especially if it’s your first redecorating project. Don’t sweat it though, we’re here to help sort out all the details and ensure you have a clear understanding of all the basics. At Urban Woodcraft we like to think of ourselves as barn door experts, our staff has all the tips and tricks to ensure the whole process goes as smooth as possible. Here’s why we think our standard 40” x 83” barn doors are the best choice for any project:

Master bedroom barn sliding door.

Barn doors don’t take up a lot of floor space, but they do take up wall space. To figure out if you have enough wall space start by measuring the width of the door opening, you’ll need the same amount of wall space in the direction you want your barn door to slide. This step is very important as you’ll want to allow for enough room to slide it to one side completely. Most standard interiors doors measure 24”, 28”, 30”, 32”, and 36” in width – a 40” door will easily cover the entire opening for any of theses sizes without leaving an awkward gap, this also helps to provide enough coverage to conceal the trim or frame around the opening. Before choosing the hardware check to make sure you have enough space between the door and ceiling, our doors measure 83” in height, this allows the door to fit a wide variety of ceiling heights.

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It’s best to choose a door that is a bit wider than the doorway, measure from the outside edge of all moldings/trim to ensure the new door will cover the full width and height, for example a 40” barn door will cover a 36” opening with 2 inches of extra material on either side. By adding these few inches to all sides, it ensures there is an overlap that allows for privacy and full coverage while helping to reduce light and sound travel from other rooms.

I get asked frequently what's behind these barn doors....the pantry is tucked away behind them. The barn doors are just slightly wider than the opening but they don't fully extend the full length of the opening. Fortunately the pantry has a walk-in space so everything inside is very accessible. I'm hoping to eventually add several more barn doors through-out the house, they're addicting like shiplap.  #barndoor #barndoors #whitedecor #whitedecor #farmhouse #farmhousestyle #modernfarmhouse #...

When comparing door styles pay attention to the quality of craftmanship that is used to create each door, you want to find something that is as functional as it is beautiful. What’s great about a 40” barn door is that it creates a nice big canvas for crisp details, this enhanced design provides a bold focal point in any room! If you have space for double barn doors consider pairing together two that will create a large design once the doors come together and are closed, this can serve as an interesting room separator between spaces.

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