6 Minimalist Coffee Table Ideas You’ll Love in 2024

Want to update your living room? As any designer will tell you, a trendy new coffee table instantly freshens up the space. This season, choose from a variety of minimalist styles, ranging from reclaimed wood designs to industrial pipe-style versions. Let’s browse through these solid wood minimalist coffee table ideas for 2020.

Rustic Industrial Coffee Table

Cozy up your space with some raw, natural texture! The 40” Hudson Edge Coffee Table is a rustic masterpiece, loved for its authentic wood markings and elegant grooves.

This hand-crafted design is constructed by expert artisans, treated with a natural gloss to enhance the vitality and vibrance of the lumber. It reveals a distressed finish, unique to the subtle imperfections of A-grade Teak, reclaimed from Indonesian homes. To contrast the bulk of the wood, the metal legs offer a lightweight geometric look, which helps create an open-concept feel to your living room. 

A table with a vase of flowers and a vase of dry flowers

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Scandavian Coffee Table Set

Making small rooms seem bigger and big rooms look more expensive, this Scandanavian Minimalist coffee table set is a clever choice. With its sleek lines and architectural shape, it creates a minimalist concept for your contemporary living room. 

Nesting tables are a smart space-saving solution for snug spaces, yet they can also enhance the grandeur of rooms that are already large. These Square Two Piece Nesting Tables feature lumber panels made from reclaimed Teak floorboards collected from old Javanese homes. 

A wood and metal coffee table

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Reclaimed Minimalist Coffee Table

Reclaimed furniture is a key part of the minimalist lifestyle — a sustainable way to enjoy art and culture. No wonder the 51” Opus Design, made from repurposed Teak wood, is the ideal minimalist coffee table for 2020. 

It’s hand-built, solid steel frame offers an industrial edge that balances the organic texture of the lumber surface. Meanwhile, its angular metal legs draw the eye upward and make the room feel more spacious. Layer this table over a handwoven rug and industrial furnishings like metal sconce lights, metal art and outdoor plants.

A wooden table with metal legs

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Industrial Minimalist Coffee Table 

Combine the clean beauty of minimalism and the trendiness of industrial design with the

55” Cabrillo Coffee Table.  It’s a modest piece that takes a “less is more” approach to contemporary decor with a strong focus on premium materials and craftsmanship, 

Refined and minimal, the loop-style metal legs support the table in an understated manner. Meanwhile, the table’s surface has a rustic feel, designed with a carefully-selected blend of light and mid-tone wood panels. This harmony of earth tones can match easily with other decor or furniture from a diverse color palette, including both cool, warm or neutral hues. 

A wooden table in a room

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Farmhouse Coffee Table

Farmhouse style is all about rustic simplicity and comfort. This 55” Soma Coffee Table blends an industrial design with a charming pastoral motif with its textural, hand-crafted lumber surface. 

The wood panels along the surface have hewn edges that are rough-cut by skilled artisans, revealing the organic texture along the sides. Compliment this natural look with other handmade-looking furnishings like woven blankets, Native throw pillows and Country artwork. 

A coffee table with a vase and a plant on it

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Urban Modernist Coffee Table

Modern and chic, the Cross Leg Round Coffee Table reflects a fusion of minimalism and urban design. 

You get a city vibe from the metal ring frame, while the cross-style legs reveal sophisticated metalwork for a modern edge. It’s a piece that’s built in the spirit of today’s minimalist lifestyle, using reclaimed floorboards, salvaged from century-old Indosenian homes. This design pairs well with mid-century modern furniture, Nordic art, Aztec rugs and statement plants. 
Revamp your living room with any of these minimalist coffee table ideas for 2020. If you want to see these designs up-close, you can schedule an in-store or virtual appointment (Facetime, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Zoom).

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