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Urban Woodcraft combines simplicity and durability of Mission-style furniture with the natural beauty of over 100 year old robust wooden floorboards chosen by hand. Inspired by the simplicity of craftsman style furniture, each piece is handmade and naturally finished. This brings out the beauty, imperfections, and character of our reclaimed planks, so no to pieces are exactly alike.

Urban Woodcraft | 43'' Opus Coffee Table 5

Artisan Crafted.

Our craftsmen handpick only the finest natural solid wood planks to use in our creations. Absolutely no particle boards or veneers are used by any of our artisans when making our furniture. All of the wood used in our furniture is meticulously cut and finished by hand.

Chosen by Hand.

Each piece of Urban Woodcraft furniture is handmade by our expert artisans. Every piece is carefully wire-brushed by hand so that no two pieces are alike. Using only the finest reclaimed wood with natural and custom finishing options available for every piece of furniture we make, you can truly make our solid wood furniture your own.

Finished with Care.

Every piece of Urban Woodcraft furniture is finished by hand in our workshop by our team of devoted colouring specialists. Any custom finishing job that we do is quality ensured so that the grain and tone of the wood is never lost in the process.

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