Handmade furniture at great prices
Fast shipping across Canada and USA
Designed to last a lifetime
Handmade furniture at great prices
Fast shipping across Canada and USA
Designed to last a lifetime

Barn Doors

Solid Wood

Pure and simple, we use nature’s best lumber in all our solid wood pieces. Invite a touch of rustic artistry to your modern home and choose from a variety of finishes and sizes.

Custom Staining

Choose from a spectrum of fresh, hand-rubbed finishes on all our wood furniture. This careful treatment enhances the textural details and organic beauty of the wood grain. Create the perfect tone to match your interior decor concept—an elevated way to harmonize your space.

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Urban Woodcraft at Home

What Our Customers Say

Springfield, FL
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I got super addicted to these doors while I was renovating my home. It all turned out good, and I used them for everything.
St. Johns, NL
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This was the best way for us to bring our farm house dreams to our city home. Such a great rustic and modern feel. It came super fast too!
Orange County, CA
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I have these mirror doors set up as bathroom doors around my home. They’re super easy to setup and you just use a privacy latch or chain to lock them.
Austin, TX
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It was very important to me that I got a solid core barn door, and it was nice that I found these guys, and at a reasonable price too! Very good for sound dampening.
Boston, MA
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The sales team was super helpful in finding the perfect door for my house! The delivery was fast and easy to follow instructions for installation of door!

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